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Beneath the waves - Caribbean marine life mural for Dive Grenada, Mount Cinnamon

#Beneath the Waves - acrylic on marine ply - almost 38' x 8'

This painting took many months. apart from the initial pre-design consultation with "Dive Grenada" owners, Helen and Phil, to verify the content of the mural as being truly local to our waters, the resulting designs needed to be approved by them, Mark Scott for Mount Cinnamon (where the building is located on the sea shore site) and Peter de Savary, owner of the resort.Then came the research period to check ou the best paint and finish to resist the savage attack of Caribbean sunshine. At nearly 38' long and 8' high, I needed 10 sheets of marine ply as the building was made from wooden lapboard and not suitable for direct painting. Each sheet had coats of insect repellent (both sides!) and primer.

After painting at home I still had much to do - applying and sanding 2 coats of epoxy filler to the 4 edges of the sheets.The panels were then hung by the wonderful team at Mount Cinnamon, headed by Ron, but then I needed to fill all the joins and 120 odd screw holes with silicone and touch paint and varnish in to match panels. Happy with the result and delighted that as a public piece of art it can be seen by anyone going to Grand Anse beach!

#Green turtles - detail of part of the mural before hanging...

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