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I am a British artist who has been living in the Caribbean - to be specific, Grenada - since 2007.  Since this time I have been working as a full time painter. 

Influences on my work are many but through the discovery of the "National Geographic" magazine

in childhood the love of travel and other cultures was instilled in me, re-inforced by having spent the first five years of my life in Iraq. 

My content is essentially narrative, and the initial sense of the magic of the Caribbean stays with me - beach bars, markets, fishing with nets and hauling to shore, colour, light, the dynamic landscape, the chaos of goats on the road and improvisation!


However, I am not exclusively a painter of the Caribbean, and find equal inspiration in many other locations.

Two of my portraits that I submitted for the BP Awards at the National Portrait Gallery (London) have been shortlisted. This has been very encouraging as it is recognised globally as one of the most prestigious awards for portraiture. "Maureen and the mahi mahi" shortlisted 2012 and "John Prosper - rasta craftsman" Shortlisted 2013 images can be found in the galleries of this website.

Natasha Were, a journalist for Real Life magazine wrote "She depicts the people and their lifestyle so authentically that, in viewing them, one feels a profound sense of place, as if one can feel the heat, smell the aromas and sense the easy pace of life. Just as a photo-journalist documents a story through candid, spontaneous photos, Jarvis' paintings reproduce quintessentially Caribbean scenes, in a natural, un-posed manner to capture the prosaic beauty of life's daily pulse. It is the deliberate inclusion of imperfections - the paintwork on the boats that is faded and flaking; the dry, dead palm fronds lying tangled in the undergrowth, or the stained, pitted wall of the fish market - that make the scenes so real."

I couldn't put it better myself!





October 15th - Inauguration of mural for the "Dive Grenada" Dive shop, Mount Cinnamon Resort, Grenada,West        Indies.

Solo Exhibition - La Luna, Villa 3. This exhibition continues indefinitely.


Petite Anse Hotel - Work is on permanent display

The Beach House 


Group Exhibition - Grenada Arts' Council Exhibition


Group Exhibition - Grenada Arts' Council Exhibition


Group Exhibition - Grenada Arts' Council Exhibition


"Gallery Special" - 4 artists, St. George's Gallery Exhibition

Group Exhibition - Grenada Arts' Council Exhibition



"Woma" - Group Exhibition, Grenada

Group Exhibition - Grenada Arts' Council Exhibition



Belmont Plantation Estate Exhibition



"50 over 50" - Selected exhibition (from a large number of entries from artists across the UK - 50 paintings selected)

Brighton University UK  




2007 - Current - Full time artist 

2008 - 2011 - Part time Instructor, School of Arts and Science, St George's University, Grenada 

2006 - 2007 - Head of Art and Technology, Thomas Bennett CC, Crawley, UK

1998 - 2006 - Head of Art. St. Peter's Catholic Comprehensive, Guildford, UK.

1994 - 1998 - Part time teacher of Art. St. Peter's Catholic Comprehensive, Guildford, UK. 

1993 - 1994 - PGCE. Brighton University. (post graduate teaching degree in Art)

1982 - 1993 - Continuing Education teacher in Art. Part time artist and working on commissions. Mother

1981 - 1982 - Contact Theatre, Manchester. Designer/assistant designer

1980 - 1981 - The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Sets/Property maker.

                 Designer of 2 studio shows for artistic director, Greg Hersov

1979 - 1980 - Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. Design assistant

1978 - 1979 - Harker's Scenic Studios, London. Scenic artist

1975 - 1978 - Falmouth School of Art - BA in Fine Art

1974 - 1975 - Brighton University. Foundation Course in Art



018 - Copy.JPG

This is "Turkish Market" which was selected for the "50 over 50" exhibition in 2006, Brighton University, Sussex, UK

Acrylic on canvas. 6' x 4' 6" 

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